10 x Your customer engagment

Star a One on One conversation with your customers, By utilising the power of Facebook Chat Bots

Are you ready to take your engagement on social media to the next level? Capture leads and engage prospects by using the power of Facebook messenger Chatbots

We will create a  Facebook chatbot exclusively for your business and your niche. You can do this by being non-intrusive and engage your potential clients.

Why Facebook Messenger BOTS?

  • Open rate of 50-80%
  • 3 -5 x Conversion rate by using smart Chat Funnels
  • 30-50 x Less cost of advertising
  • 5 x better Click through rate
  • Lower cost to get leads and Ecommece sales
  • Automated customer support

Which industries can use Facebook messenger bots?

We can implement a strategy for every niche to utilise the power of Facebook chat bots.  Every industry can utilise the power of Facebook Chatbots,

We have a plan for each business

What you can do with FB messenger marketing


1-Dominate facebook Ads

Click-to-Messenger Facebook Ads with instant lead capture and follow-up


2-Auto-respond to Facebook Comments

Use the messenger to respond to Facebook Commnets on your ads


3-Create Conversion funnels

Send your leads through a qualifying funnles via the FB messenger


4-Score and qualify leads

Only work with the leads that are ready to buy and nurture the rest


5-Get SMS alert for qualified Leads

You can get a SMS for a qualified Lead

6-Segment your audience

Tag people based on their interests and responses

Great support means truly understanding your customer and finding solutions to what they need – anytime, anywhere, in a quick and simple way.