Are you utilising Facebook Chatbots to dominate your market place?

Here are some facts about Facebook chatbots and bots in general:

1-Over 1.7 Billion People are using Facebook Messenger!

There are lots of people who are actively using Messenger bots to communicate with their friends . You can use the same technology to dominate your market by using FB chatbos!

2- People love talking to Facebook Chatbots on facebook!

According to research by a Mindshare, over 65% of people would consider talking to Chatbots

You can utilise the power of FB Chatbots to make more sales and generate leads!

3-Chatbots have up to 100% open rate and up to 80% CTR

Chatbots can have up to 100% open rate and usually are scoring between 70-90%.

The CTR for Facebook chatbots is around 30-40% and in comparison to emai which is between 1-3% represents a massive opportunity to utilise this emerging channel as a way to get more clients!

Here is a quick test: compare the unread emails and the unread messages on your facebook Messenger and you will quickly realise that Facebook bots are definitely a powerful way to communicate with your potential clients.


4-Less than 1% of businesses are using chatbots on facebook and chatbots generally

This is a great opportunity to be at forefront of Messenger bots and all bots generally and utilise it to win more customers and/or sell more online,

5-Facebook bots can generate very cost effective leads/sales

In addition, depending on your offer you can save up to 40% to generate sales/leads if you are using the right strategy!

6-We have generated over $450,000 in the last 12 months from Chatbot marketing on facebook

You can utilise the same Lead generation strategies when it comes to advertising.

However, you also need the right sales copy, the right sales funnels and most importantly a Chatbot design that works!

If you want to find out more how we can help, feel free to organise a time to see how we can get your BOT to do the leg work for you!