Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents!

Facebook Marketing for real estate agents can actually bring outstanding results.

We have generated over 3000 leads in the last 18 months for our clients in the real estate industry .

Let’s discuss what is not working so you won’t spend your budget working on things that do not work!

1-Lead Ads on Facebook can bring some terrible results if not done right!

Before we get started, I am not saying that Lead Ads do not work!

However, how most real estate agents are doing it for Facebook Marketing for Real estate agents is not working and I will explain why!

Most Real Estate agents that you use Lead ads are simply getting leads that are not qualified. Most agents are not using the right follow up sequence to communicate with their leads.

If you do not have a system that will follow up the leads automatically, then your lead generation system will suffer!

However, if you want to set up the lead ads, we can help you to set up the right system to get results!

2-Using Messenger Facebook chatbots for Lead generation which are not set up properly!

Most real estate agents are using generic Facebook Messenger Templates which is bound to create some terrible results.

You can see the example below!

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents!

If you want to see a messenger bot that generates leads on auto pilot, click here!

3- Not having a landing page dedicated for Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

You need to have a dedicated landing page for Facebook marketing and if you don’t then we can set one up for you!

4-Not having SMS automation

If you are generating leads, the first thing you want to do is to send an automated text.

This will differentiate you from 99.9% of all real estate agents worldwide .

Just think about this for a moment.

When was the last time that you contacted a company and a SMS was generated after your enquiry? This is usually done by the bigger companies.

You should employ the same strategy for your seller Facebook Marketing strategy!

If you want Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents, then Book a time and talk to us!