Facebook Advertising costs

Facebook Advertising costs is not as important as you think!

You should not solely focus on Facebook advertising costs, rather on return on investment!

While bring Facebook advertising costs down is important, it should not be the focus of your adverting campaign!

Let me give you an example!

Lets say you are a property investment firm and value of each customer is $25000! Your only aim should be to get the maximum ROI from your advertising.

If you spend $2000 per customer acquisition, then it does not matter if you spent $2000 as you still have a profit margin of $23000!

So they only metrics you should concentrate on is Return on Investment and the only question you need to ask yourself is “if I spend a Dollar on Facebook ads, Can i get $3 or 4 dollars back”

How to fix a costly ad funnel!

There are number of measure you can undertake to bring the costs down !

  1. Design multiple Landing pages
  2. Split test your landing pages
  3. You need to split test your sales funnels
  4. Source of traffic needs to be investigated! ROI of Facebook Ads v ROI of Google ads!
  5. Split tests your ads on all your traffic channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, google or YouTube)
  6. Properly investigate your website and make sure every page is working properly!

How to fix a ‘costly funnel’

This simply means, your offer sucks.

If your offer is not seen by the marketplace as one that is not competitive or does not inspire your audience, it does not matter what you do, you will fail.

The only solution to fixing a sales funnel is actually by placing a crazy offer in front of your audience!

But “Facebook has terrible traffic”

Far from the truth as you can generate very cost effective traffic from Facebook!

You can still make a lot of money by using Facebook if it is done correctly! The source of traffic is not really the issue, the main issue your advertising is costing you a lot is your OFFER!

What to do next if you are not happy with Facebook advertising costs?

  1. Keep doing what you are doing and miss out on more money! or
  2. Set up a time with our team and lets smash those targets together!


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